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Here we talk about a different kind of help. The idea of the project is to provide people with a free slider. And we do not want to change it. The goal is to keep the project out of money: that's why we have no advertisements or anything concerning payments, etc., but sometimes we simply need to cover some expenses to develop and support the project. That's why your participation can be very useful. We think we help to make the world better and you can join us.

We appreciate your choice and we are happy to provide all the people with BeaverSlider.

If you decide to help us with some money using traditional way, you can choose to donate via PayPal. After a clicking the button you will be redirected to the transfer page.

Also, there is one quite new and interesting way to transfer money with a project called Bitcoins. If you are already in or want to try it - this button below provides you with our account number.

Thank you and good luck!