Methods and attributes of class Beaverslider

This object property is optional.

Available methods

  • playerPrev(). A function to call player "back"
  • playerNext(). A function to call player "forward"
  • playerStop(). A function to call player "stop"
  • playerPlay(). A function to call player "start"
  • renderImage(image). A function to render a specific image (analog of click on status bar). Input parameter should be a number of image in zero-based array
  • setNextEffect(effectObject). A function to set next effect. Accepts effect which is described as object (see effects documentation)
  • destroy(). A function is called on message click.

Available properties

  • slider.currentImage - contains the number of current image
  • slider.currentMessage - contains the number of current message
  • slider.settings - the settings you've provided in object constructor, you can change them on-the-fly
  • slider.container - the jQuery object which contains the main div-container inside. This should be an effect and not a group.

Example: handle the moment when it starts and ends sliding.

var slider = new BeaverSlider({ /* some settings */ });

slider.nextEffect({ name: "slideLeft", duration: 800 });