Effects constructor

Pick the effects you wish to use with BeaverSlider. You can setup up to 4 parameters:

  • Name of effect or group of effects (shown as grey)
  • Duration of effect
  • Size of effect (mostly means dividing slider to size*size parts, see effects documentation)
  • Steps (mostly means the length of the fading tail).
Group/effect Duration, ms Size Steps

Choose as many effects as you wish. In the end they will be randomly picked every time the image is changed.

Important: by choosing too big "size" and "steps" values you can hurt the performance of your web page. This is not a problem of slider, simply everything in the world has its upper borders. We highly recommend you to start with pre-filled values and then, after you've seen the effect, choose your own values.

Important: if you use "zoom" group of effects, take into account:

  • interval here is setup to 1000ms and perhaps it will not look good (zoom effects look good with 1ms interval)
  • never mix it with other effects! It is supposed to work with type of slider "zoomer" only, it will simply not work with the usual slider. This means: either use only zoom effects or absolutely not zoom effects in the same time.