Effects group "zoom"

The effect idea is to show the photos with zooming to some point.

The effect code example (used to render the slider above):

Effect string

Effect names which can be used:

  • zoom (the whole group)
  • zoomRightTop
  • zoomRightBottom
  • zoomLeftTop
  • zoomLeftBottom
  • zoomRandom

Important: zoomRandom effect is not very stable and nice at the moment (you can see it right here, it is a bit "vibrating"), it is not recommended to use it.

List of acceptable parameters:

  • name
  • duration
  • size: zoom value in percentage (from 1 to 100)

Special notes: this is a very specific effect, which cannot be combined with other effects and is used with a type of slider "zoomer" only. Additionally, it requires an interval of slider to be set up to "1", otherwise it does not look that good.